Why do Lions hate Leopards? Do Lions kill Leopards?

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Why do Lions hate Leopards?

Not all lions will hate leopards. Only the lions that live in those areas where there are also leopards will typically have a behavoiur of hating leopards.

Leopards are very good hunters as their body mechanism allows them to be so. They live a solitary life and are often seen hunting alone.

On the other hand, lions hunt for their prey in a group attacking together as they are seen very often planning their attack strategically to kill a big-sized animal for their pride. However, they can also hunt alone.

The leopards’ hunting tactic is different and better than that of the lions. The lions think if they let them do so then there will not be enough prey left for them.

So, the lions hate leopards when they see them entering inside or roaming nearby their territory. They attack leopards to avoid the competition.

Mostly, the male lion is seen to attack the leopards and killing the young leopard cubs to avoid future competition.

Leopards can easily kill and eat a lion cub that has been hidden while the mother lion is away for hunting.


So another reason why lions hate leopards is that leopards are often seen to attack lions cubs and kill them if there is no adult lion guarding them.

Lions generally live in a pride consisting of a group of some young cubs and a few adult lions (both lions and lionesses). And, it’s the strict responsibility of the male lions to protect their cubs from being killed.

So, the lions hate leopards and attack them if they try to come nearby.

Do Lions kill Leopards?

Yes, lions can kill leopards. Lions have been known to hunt and kill leopards when they try to enter their territory or if found attacking their cubs.

The male lion is often seen guarding and marking his territory. And so, whenever a leopard enters the lion’s territory in search of food or habitat then the lion can get very aggressive and can even attack the leopard and kill it.

Lioness is bigger, larger, and heavier than the male leopard, but the male leopard is stronger and muscular than the lioness. So, it becomes the utmost responsibility of the male lion to attack the leopard.

Both male and female leopards are nothing in front of an adult male lion, as the lion can get 10 times stronger than leopards. So, he may attack the leopard and can kill it very easily.

Although male lions do not take part in raising the young cubs, but they do protect the whole pride against other male lions and leopards entering their territory.

So, lion cubs are very safe as long as their father is in charge of the pride.

Also we know that, for safety purpose leopards tend to drag and store their kills above on the trees, avoiding disturbance of lions and hyenas that usually try to steal away their kill.

But, in some cases male lions are seen to climb up the tree to steal the kill from the leopards. In such a case, if the leopard tries to defend its prey then probably it may be killed by the lion.

Do lions and leopards get along?

No, it very very rare to see a lion and leopards getting along and having a harmonious friendly relationship with each other. In other words, they do not get along with each other.

In fact, lions get very aggressive when they see a leopard trying to enter their territory, or trying to steal their prey, or searching to kill the lion cubs.

It has been seen very often that leopards try to run away when a strong male tries to approach them. But, it has also been seen that a male leopard can attack a single female lion if he finds her alone.

Typically leopards flee as quickly as they can, usually into the safety of the treetops where adult lions are unlikely to attack them.

The meal of the leopards generally includes mid-sized animals like antelope, gazelles, and impalas, baboons, monkeys, etc.

Whereas, lions generally prefer eating large-sized prey as they are often seen in large groups of 5 or more members in a pride.

So, for the most part, the two species can also co-exist peacefully avoiding each other as the leopards feed on mid-sized prey and the lions on large-sized prey.

However, still, the lions are the reason that causes about 20% of death of the leopards as per the study conducted in the Greater Kruger Park of South Africa.

So, it can be said that Lions are the strongest predators that generally wouldn’t tolerate other big cats like leopards.

The two species will avoid each other as much as they can, but when they happen to cross paths, it’s likely that the lion would kill the other.

So, if the leopard can exist in such a place that is far from the reach of the lion and avoid fighting with him, then the leopard can co-exist well in its habitat.

Are leopards scared of lions? Do leopards and lions fight?

Yes, leopards are scared of lions. The male lions are much more stronger than the mature male leopards.

In simple words, a male leopard can’t stand stand in comparison to a male lion.

However, the male leopards are stronger than the lionesses. So, it has been reported that the male leopard can attack a female lion but, in no way dare to kill her.

As leopards are solitary animals so they always try to avoid a fight with a lion, as the lions are very often seen to stay in pride with many lions and lionesses.

In the wild, it has been also seen that if a male lion tries to climb and steal the prey of a leopard, then the leopard will avoid fighting with the lion and will step backward allowing the lion to take away its prey.

Not only lions but the hyenas and wild dogs in groups are also seen attacking a leopard in order to steal its kill. And, the leopard will often step backward as it is all alone.

After a successful hunt, the leopard will drag its prey up a tree branch that can be more than 15 meters above the ground to keep it safe against scavengers such as lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas.

So, Leopards are very good at avoiding lions and probably don’t go around being scared.

Can a leopard kill a lion?

It’s very very rare to see a fight between a lion and leopard, as the leopard will always try to avoid the lion and flee from it.

However, leopard can kill the lion cubs or young lions and can even eat them dragging atop the tree if there’s no adult lion guarding them.

Leopards are sometimes seen attacking a weak and old lion and stealing away its prey, but no such instances of a leopard killing a lion has been reported.

Lions are the most dominating animal amongst all predators. It waits for the leopard to hunt its prey and then attacks the leopard to takeaway that hunted prey.

Lions weight somewhere between 160 to 230 kgs, whereas a leopard can weight between 17 to 90 kgs.

Lions stand to be more muscular and stronger than those of the leopards. So, there’s no chance that a leopard will kill a lion until and unless the lion is very sick and old to fight with the leopard.

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